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Podcasts & Audio

Best Practices for Podcast and Livestream Promotion

Podcasts are taking over the digital space, and it’s important for digital marketers to know how to promote them. This is a breakdown of how a campaign strategy was created for Tomorrow Technician’s T2IQ Podcast and its livestream finale event.

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short form video

Why Short Form Video Should Be Part of Your Content Strategy

If the success of Tik Tok has shown us anything, it’s that short form video content isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Implementing this type of content into your brand strategy gets your brand involved in a major industry trend that’s only expected to grow moving forward.

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Why Video Storytelling is Taking Over

In a fast-paced digital world that relies on innovation, video is taking over as the new medium to replace traditional storytelling. These old techniques are being reimagined, and video storytelling is the new way to communicate with your audience.

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Content Creation

Visual Branding: Understanding Colors, Fonts and Visuals 

Research shows that the average consumer comes across five to ten thousand ads in a day. That means five to ten thousand different companies, brands, and services. What makes yours stand out? Effective use of colors, fonts and visuals can ensure that your brand is seen by your target audience. 

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Back to Basics: A Tactical Guide to Building Brand Awareness

Instead of chasing trends, businesses interested in entering a new market or courting a new audience segment should go back to the basics of building brand awareness. Here are 5 basic tactics for building brand awareness that you can integrate into your marketing strategy today. 

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Drive Engagement & Build Community with Personification

Merriam-Webster defines personification as the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristic to something nonhuman. Here at Babcox, we implement personification by cultivating an authentic brand voice online, focusing on real relationships over vanity metrics, and proactively networking within our communities. 

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Social Media

YouTube: The Unstoppable Social Channel

YouTube’s active subscriber count is 2.40 billion, only 84% of the number of Facebook users around the world. And yet, the results of a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center suggest a redistribution of power between these competing social media platforms might be on the horizon.

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