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Best-In-Class: A Look Inside Digital Reporting

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With the considerable boost in multimedia content over the last decade, digital advertising has never been as valuable as it is now. Companies are continuing to identify new ways to expose their brand among traditional and nontraditional digital advertising methods.

As companies continue to invest more into digital advertising, they also expect to see the results of these campaigns. This is where digital reporting comes into play. It has become easier and important, now more than ever, to track results and performance in real-time.

Digital reporting is essential to advertisers when determining how a specific ad performed. However, it’s important to remember these results are not always necessarily in the form of direct profit. These reports provide insight on the impressions, clicks, views and overall engagement the campaign generated.

At Babcox Media, our digital reporting structure is unique and built specifically to meet our client’s needs. Each report is organized by brand, and includes metrics for our websites, eNewsletters, sponsored content articles, website sponsorships and more.

In addition to our digital reporting, we also supply video reports for the advertisers that sponsor videos across a variety of our brands. The first metric displayed on our video reports are website plays. These plays are the number of times a video was played on the brand website. In addition to the website plays, there are also Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube plays shown through video reporting.

Other metrics presented in our video reports include:

  • Website Embeds – The number of times a video was embedded onto the brand website.
  • Social Media Impressions – The number of times a post with the video was displayed on Facebook and Twitter.
  • eNewsletter impressions – The number of opens for a newsletter in which the video was featured.
  • Website ad impressions – The number of promotional ad impressions that have been delivered for the video series.
  • Video % viewed on a website – The average amount of a video that has been viewed. If a video is 60 seconds long and has one viewer, and that person watches 30 seconds of the video, the % viewed will be 50%.

These reports are sent to our advertisers on a monthly basis for their review and consideration. If a specific ad or article underperforms, it is our job to locate the concern and follow up with a solution.

In some cases, an ad may underperform due to a decrease in website traffic or decrease in eNewsletter opens. In other cases, if an ad under performs, and there are no indications of traffic decrease, we then look at the ad itself.

Some questions to consider when an ad is underperforming:

  • Does the message resonate with the audience appropriately?
  • Is there a call to action?
  • Does the visual banner need a creative update?

As the market for multimedia digital advertising continues to grow, so does the significance for analytical performance of these campaigns. With consistent and accurate digital reporting, advertisers can stay one step ahead in their industry, and hold the resources for increasing digital engagement.

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Sarah Hoffman is a Digital Ad Coordinator at Babcox Media.

Contact Sarah at [email protected]

Alexa Pasquale is a Digital Ad Coordinator at Babcox Media.

Contact Alexa at apasquale@babcox.com

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