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Crafting an Audience Strategy that Delivers

Mike Maleski, Executive Vice President of Babcox Media, highlights a longstanding partnership with a major automotive equipment firm, showcasing how their transition from print to digital branding, supported by Babcox Media’s expertise, continues to amplify their reach and engagement with key audiences.

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Trusting the experts

Trusting the Experts to Achieve Marketing Goals 

Discover how trusting the experts, like those at Babcox Media, can elevate your campaigns and achieve your goals with confidence. From crafting compelling content to producing engaging videos, see how relying on seasoned professionals can make all the difference.

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web design

The Power of a Well-Designed Website 

Alyssa Schueller, a WordPress Website Support & Design Specialist at Babcox Media, explores web design strategies to enhance user interaction, boost conversions, and foster brand loyalty through positive user experiences.

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User experience
BIG Marketing

Optimizing Your Site’s User Experience

Learn about the impact of site speed, mobile optimization, and Google’s Core Web Vitals on search rankings. Discover how a well-crafted website design aligns with business goals, engages users, and fosters lasting positive impressions. Don’t let outdated web practices hinder your success—embrace the power of user-centric design for a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

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A.I. assistants

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Use A.I.

Jason Morgan, our Director of Content for Fleet Equipment and Tire Review, highlights ChatGPT 4.0’s versatility. He envisions ChatGPT tackling challenges like a over-eager entry-level employee – from conquering the blank page to mastering the art of copy-editing. It quickly became one of his favorite co-workers.

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market research illustration
Data & Research

Market Research is Crucial to Your Business’ Success

At Babcox Media, we recognize the indispensable role of market research in providing businesses with crucial insights into their target audience, competition, and the broader market dynamics. By addressing key questions surrounding “who, what, how, when, where, and why,” businesses can make informed decisions that pave the way for success.

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