Website Advertising

Align your brand message to this audience through display ads, a site sponsorship, sponsored content and other digital supplements.

Display Advertising

Brand safety and reputation are more important than ever. Ensuring your ads are running on a site with high-quality content is a must.

What Kind of Presence Do You Want?

You are a leader in this industry, and your ads need to be seen

For key players who want a regular presence

You’re an aspiring company without the budget of the market leaders, but you want to build a reputation

Which Ad Size Do You Want?

 (300×250 on desktop and mobile)

The most popular ad size on the Internet, the Rectangle has a versatile shape. Served within articles and on the sidebar.

(728×90 on desktop, 320×50 on mobile)

Another very common size, the Leaderboard is a great choice for branding. Served in rotation within articles and on the sidebar.

This is a modern replacement for the old “Billboard” ads. This ad will dynamically resize to fit viewers’ screen sizes. It appears as large as 1440×360

Rectangle (300×250 on desktop and mobile)

Leaderboard (728×90 on desktop, 320×50 on mobile)

4:1 Banner Ad

Hi-Impact Ads

  • All high-impact units are sold by the week.
  • For pricing contact your Babcox sales representative or fill out this form.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all ads appear once per user per two hours.

Dominate the top of the page! This ad unit makes a splash as soon as the page loads. It disappears as the user scrolls down and reappears as the user scrolls back to the top.

This ad unit “sneaks” up from the bottom of the page, showcasing your advertising message. The ad sits on its own background, ensuring that it stands out on the page. As the user scrolls, the Sneaker remains in place until it’s closed by the user.

This smooth vertical ad gets people’s attention. As the user begins to scroll down the page, your ad slides into view from the side of the screen. A close button appears at the top.

Site Sponsorship

Want to make the biggest possible impact? The site sponsor enjoys prominent logo placement at the top of one of our websites.

Sponsored Content

Tell a story to our audience! Sponsored content allows you to write an article for a Babcox Media website. Educate readers by discussing industry trends or providing technical knowledge.

The most effective sponsored content articles are educational and thought leadership in nature. We encourage companies to avoid making their article into a sales pitch. Under no circumstances will we accept an article that mentions or disparages competitors.

Sponsored Content Program Includes:

  1. Posting of your article to a Babcox-owned website. It includes your company name and logo, and it remains on the site permanently. We encourage you to make the article between 400-1000 words in length.
  2. A prominent position in rotation on the website’s homepage.
  3. A promotion of your article in 2 or more issues of the brand’s eNewsletter.
  4. Rotation in the Sponsored Content sidebar area on all website article pages for 30 days.
  5. Promoted as a social ad on Facebook and/or Instagram to an engaged Babcox brand lookalike audience.

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