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Crafting an Audience Strategy that Delivers


Babcox Media works with companies across all markets. Our wide portfolio allows us to help build communities and give people the power to connect with content and grow businesses. Success is connecting you with buyers and decision makers to boost your brand and help you move product and equipment, backed up with actionable and verifiable metrics.

I met with Executive Vice President, Mike Maleski, on successes he has seen with clients in the automotive industry. In his position overseeing growth and innovation strategies for clients, Mike highlighted a long-term partnership with a major equipment company. This company has worked with Babcox Media for 25 years across several print publications.

As media consumption evolved digitally, there was a clear need for additional engaging content solutions. As a print-only brand until just last year, the company agreed that digital branding was an area they needed to increase.

Our team helped them adopt strategies centered on a three-legged stool of print, content, and digital integration. They began with adding a sponsorship to our Babcox Media garage studio to increase visibility.

With Babcox Media’s depth in the automotive service space, we helped them meet audience goals, enabling their content to hit many niche markets – fleet, carwash, powersports, and transmission. These customized programs enabled this client to boost awareness across print, leverage high-quality content, and rapidly grow their digital presence.

According to Mike, by collaborating with our team on a print-digital strategy tailored to their brand, this 25-year partner continues to see greater success connecting with buyers and decision makers in the spaces that matter most to their business goals.

At Babcox Media, our dedication to the automotive space fuels the value we bring to our clients. I urge you to let us help you tell your story.

As you develop your marketing strategy this year, I encourage you to connect with a Babcox Media representative and see how we can tailor a sponsorship to align with your business objectives.  

Bridget McPhillips is the Social Media Coordinator at Babcox Media.

Contact Bridget at bmcphillips@babcox.com

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