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Trusting the Experts to Achieve Marketing Goals 

Trusting the experts

When we need something done correctly, we seek out experts in their field. For example, when our car needs repairs, we rely on trained technicians to service our vehicle. Similarly, during my tenure at Babcox Media, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing advertisers place their trust in our in-house experts to help them achieve their marketing goals with confidence. Whether it’s our editorial team crafting content for a technical whitepaper or our digital team aiding in the creation of a dynamic and engaging social ad campaign, our teams consistently deliver reliable results. 

A specific instance vividly comes to mind from a couple of years ago. A client of mine needed to revamp their video library. Their organization, dedicated to supporting the automotive repair industry and student technicians, sought to capture testimonials from students, instructors, and industry supporters. Our video team promptly took charge, developing scripts and storyboards for the video series. To film the series, they tapped into local shop relationships to ensure an authentic set. Being on-screen can be intimidating, especially for those new to it. Our team provided coaching to the on-screen talent, enabling them to effectively deliver their lines. The result was a series of cohesive videos packed with valuable information for their target audiences.  

A year later, my client collaborated with a technical college that had secured a grant to produce a recruitment video. My client suggested they partner with the video experts at Babcox Media, citing our team’s understanding of the industry and ability to produce high-quality video content. Once again, our team exceeded expectations, delivering an engaging video that strategically conveyed their message to prospective students. 

As a sales manager, I felt a sense of pride hearing that my client was happy with the final product, so much so that they recommended us to their colleague. It makes my role much easier when I can confidently offer the services of our experts. I am glad to be part of a team that diligently works to help our partners tell their stories.  

As you think about ways to achieve your 2024 marketing strategy goals, I would highly recommend getting in touch with your representative at Babcox Media to discuss how we can contribute our expertise to your project. 

Kelsey Mayer is the Brand Strategy Manager
at Babcox Media

Contact Kelsey at [email protected]

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