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The BIG Read (and Listen and View) – 8/13/19

In this edition of the BIG Read, Group Publisher Randy Loeser lists the random things he is reading, watching, and writing about that can help you navigate your marketing journey.

Randy’s BIG Read suggestions:

• You want to know the reason I am afraid to “cut the cord”? It’s my disdain for calling customer service. And this story from the Wall Street Journal, “Why everyone hates customer service,” by Sharon Terlep, hits the nail on the head. PLEASE – Marketers do not let your custom service department act like this with your repair facilities and shop owners. These folks influence the buying decision, recommend your products to buyers, and can create (or destroy) your reputation.

• I was with a friend who is an executive with a major national insurance company and the discussion turned to the future of auto insurance and the predictive nature of insuring drivers of certain vehicles. I was able to hold my own during the conversation because of a story I read in Body Shop Business. The writer, Jenna Kuczkowski, presented a thoughtful examination of who will be the insurers of the future. There is nothing better than when a columnist really finds a cool topic, explores it with some depth and effort and creates a conversation.

• Can you make your workplace a happier environment in just 21 days? I saw this article/podcast on LinkedIn (thanks Andrew Hoit of TireCo for posting on his feed) and I am on day 3 of putting this into practice to increase productivity and creativity.

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