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The Art of Video Storytelling: Capturing Legacies Through Video Content

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It was Christmas Eve, and my grandfather was on a roll. It was a familiar start to a dialogue we had listened to for decades.

However, a new audience of great grandchildren had not been subjected to the “same story” we hear every time we are with gramps. And, this new audience, neither jaded nor bored, was immediately captured as he wove a tale of growing up as a first-generation American, having to change his name due to cultural business bias, or the many ways he innovated the banking industry during his career. 

It was a moment I will never forget. It is also a moment I was able to capture the details of on an iPad, and I’m glad I did! This new audience was engaged and asked questions I would never have thought to ask my grandfather. They were entertained, and their laughter encouraged more stories (and more embellishments). They became informed about our family history and learned more about who our family was in an evening of storytelling than ever before. My grandfather was a master in the art of the story, and we were fortunate in that instance to witness (and record) his words.

Translating Storytelling to Business:

Everyday, I am fortunate to be part of a team that helps businesses like yours tell stories using video content that engages, entertains, and informs audiences about your company, your products, and your services. Those stories take on many forms – a two-minute tech tip on oil change intervals; a shop tour using Instagram Reels; being embedded with a race team at the track; or an interview with an industry icon.    

For example, we were asked by the publishing team of Greg Jones and David Benson from the Babcox Power and Performance Group, to help tell the story of one of their advertisers – Callies Performance Products. In the world of high-performance engines, everyone knows Callies. But telling the story of the founder Rick Norton, was something few had heard. 

“Rick Norton Jr., the founder of Callies Performance Products, didn’t have to prove anything to anyone,” commented Greg Jones, editorial director of Engine Builder. “He started and grew what is today a very prominent engine component company with brand name recognition from grassroots racing to the upper echelon of NHRA drag racing and everything in between.

“However, while Callies products are well known, Rick himself was a quiet, reserved guy who kept his head down, so not many knew the story of how Callies became what it is today. We got the opportunity to spend a couple coveted hours with Rick to hear the full story of how Callies Performance Products came to be, and now thousands of people get to hear his perspective. It also happened to be filmed within the last 6 months of his life, and that video content now serves as a sort of tribute to him and what he built.”

David Benson, a brand manager within the Babcox Power and Performance Group, was convinced telling Rick’s story was one that had to be told.

“It was magical moment where the stars aligned, and I believe it holds tremendous value for our brand, our audience and the Norton family,” Benson says. “Rick Norton is widely recognized and respected as a trailblazer in the engine parts industry. His wealth of knowledge and experience was evident during the interview. Legends in any field often have captivating stories of success, challenges overcome, and lessons learned. Rick’s interview had all of that and more.”

In Benson’s view, an important interview with a legend becomes timeless. “Its relevance and impact extend beyond the immediate moment, offering long-term value. As part of our content library, this interview will continue to attract views, generate interest, and remain a valuable resource for years to come.” 

Knowing we helped capture great content, our team leveraged this story to its full potential. We strategically promoted it in our eNewsletters, across different social media platforms and YouTube, in the magazine, and on the website.

You can watch the video here:  https://youtu.be/YDUdFMvYhk4

Your story deserves to be told. Babcox Media Video Services Group helps hundreds of companies like yours produce high-quality video content every day. We do this not only in our 11,000 sq.-ft. studio space, but at your office, factory, or at a top customer location. And, since all we do is automotive video content, you can be assured our team will get your video right. From script writing, story boards, graphics and animations, filming, editing and distribution, Babcox Media is your best partner to help tell your story.

Interested in a corporate video for your business? Let’s talk today. 

Randy Loeser the Executive Director, Babcox Video and Content Services.

Contact Randy at [email protected]

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