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Cultivating a Custom Sponsorship that Delivers the Essence of Your Brand


When Bobbi Brophy calls, I try to always answer the phone.

There are certain individuals whose calls you anticipate with excitement, knowing that the conversation will be nothing short of engaging.

Bobbi is the marketing manager at D-A Lubricants, and according to their website, “D-A has historically taken great pride in producing industry-leading engine oils, transmission lubricants, greases, gear lubricants, hydraulic oils, antifreezes, specialty products and industrial grade lubricants. Today, D-A Lubricant Company includes the brands of D-A, PennGrade® and PennGrade 1® Motor Oils.”

Whenever I see the 859-area code flash on my phone, I immediately recognize that it’s Bobbi calling to delve into another innovative idea to enhance her marketing strategies. Over the past five years, Bobbi has seldom settled for “off the shelf” solutions. Instead, she fosters a collaborative relationship between her team and ours at Engine Builder to craft something distinctive for her brands. A few notable examples include:

  • Leveraging her product experts for a livestream Q&A early in the pandemic, reinforcing the technical advantages of her brands.
  • Tasking our video team to “embed” with a race team. We documented the weekend activities in the pits, captured the “feel” of a race team’s experience, all while showcasing how their oil helps teams compete.
  • Creating a custom video series, Proven Performance, to detail features and benefits of PennGrade’s motor oils.
  • Engaging with our research team to present data to educate internal stakeholders on a potential new market segment as part of an investment strategy.

Bobbi grasps the fact that connecting the D-A Lubricant narrative with our audiences, whether they belong to a performance racing shop or manage a fleet of trucks, cannot follow a one-size fits-all approach. She has forged a partnership with us, and in return, we comprehend the challenges and prospects within their business. Because we are committed to her business’ success, we can tailor a sponsorship to match her investment goals.

Bobbi stands out as one of the select marketers I collaborate with who comprehend the essence of customizing sponsorships. It transcends merely slapping a logo on a banner at an event; it’s about taking control of your content and delivering it to your target audience in your unique voice.

As you chart your content marketing strategy for 2024, I encourage you to take a page out of Bobbi Brophy’s playbook and rethink your message and how the Babcox team can tailor a sponsorship to align with your unique marketing objectives.

Interested in a corporate video for your business? Let’s talk today. 

Randy Loeser the Executive Director, Babcox Video and Content Services.

Contact Randy at [email protected]

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