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BodyShop Business Podcast Case Study

Art by Nichole Anderson

BodyShop Business has a strong print presence among collision repair facility owners and managers, reaching over 36,000 subscribers each month. In early 2020, BSB’s digital success was thanks to several weekly videos series and highly anticipated daily eNewsletters, delivering news and industry insights to an audience of nearly 20,000 subscribers.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, BSB’s website clicks skyrocketed, leading the team to work quickly to meet the new needs of digital readers who wanted content in a new audio format.

BodyShop Business’s first podcast launched in September 2020. The host, BSB’s Editor, Jason Stahl, invited marketing guru and magazine contributor, Micki Woods, to join in the conversation about how body shops across the country can improve their marketing with advice from an industry expert. Current episode topics include: marketing during COVID-19, top 10 website mistakes, social media tips and tricks and approaching Google and Yelp reviews.

Starting a new podcast, the brand wanted to ease into digital integration by submitting one episode per month. When great conversations happen during the episode’s recording session, listeners have the opportunity to receive up to two episodes on the same topic each month.

When embarking on a new project, predicting how the audience will receive and react to the new podcast was a rippling effect. By following guidance from in-house Babcox Media experts, editing the podcasts into easily consumed timeframes and delivering the podcast to the most popular streaming services, the number of listens and downloads for each episode increased each day. After just two months, episodes were trending in the top 10 most viewed pages on the BodyShop Business website.

Entering into 2021, consistency is key. BodyShop Business will continue to create new and thought-provoking podcast episodes each month, to help those in the collision repair industry improve their efficiency and profitability by equipping them with knowledge and insights from industry professionals on topics that will help listeners succeed.

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