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Is A(.I.)narchy Upon Us?

robot pushing a ball faster than humans pushing a block

In today’s business landscape, digital or otherwise, brands are constantly pursuing innovative ways to connect with customers and gather valuable insights. 

Enter A.I. chatbots, like ChatGPT. This emerging technology has already revolutionized the customer experience and data collection processes. The work of intelligent virtual assistants provides a seamless interface for brands to engage with customers, address their questions and gather crucial information. 

Let’s explore the immense potential of A.I. chatbots as a tool for enhancing customer interactions and effectively harnessing data for business growth. 

Ha! I got you. Unlike my A.I. information counterpart Jason Morgan, the first three paragraphs above are all generated by A.I. Surprised? Good. Shocked?? I thought so. 

Also, let’s take a moment to recognize the complete self-serving narcissism of this ChatBot response: “This emerging technology has already revolutionized the customer experience,” or “Let’s explore the immense potential of A.I. chatbots,” seems a bit ‘Pick Me’-ish, no? 

Aside from obvious issues with A.I. chatbots like ChatGPT, A.I. in general really could completely automate some of the day’s most time-consuming projects. 

Look at A.I. with a business-centric approach. Companies can derive value from A.I. by using it as a tool rather than viewing it solely as some weird new technology. From a broader perspective, A.I. serves a couple of key business requirements: automation of processes and extracting insights from data. 

So, what should or do you use A.I. for in your business? As I said before, A.I. is already utilized to automate digital and physical tasks, often centered around administrative and financial activities. 

Automation can rescue people from completing repetitive tasks, freeing up time for higher-value work and improving employee fulfillment. Additionally, A.I. automation can enhance precision, minimizing the chance of overlooking relevant information or missing something entirely. 

Consider sales; how can A.I. help automate time-consuming processes? A study by Harvard Business Review found that companies using A.I. in conjunction with the sales team can increase leads by more than 50%, reduce call time by 60-70% and have cost reductions of 40-60%. 

These tools provide assistance to sales professionals by utilizing algorithms that prioritize high-value customers, analyze historical client information, post on social media and log salesperson interaction history to rank opportunities or leads in the pipeline. This enables sales to focus their efforts on the most promising prospects and increases their chances of closing deals successfully.

So no, A(.I.)narchy is not reigning down on us from the new iRobot ruling class. In fact, we seemingly have never been more in control of A.I. than we are now. As it learns just as we do, something tells me A.I. will be utilized as a tool to completely eliminate boring and time-consuming tasks, instead of eliminating jobs altogether.

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Christian Hinton

Christian Hinton is a Multimedia Journalist at Babcox Media

Contact Christian at [email protected]

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