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Visual Branding: How Knowing Your Audience Can Lead to Effective Visuals

Believe it or not, your visual branding is one of the keys to success behind your business making a good first impression to potential clients or customers.

When it comes to your business’ digital presence, your logo, images and graphics are the first thing a new visitor will process when they visit your website.

While the biggest piece of your visual brand is your logo, it also includes other things like the following:

  • Colors
  • Patterns
  • Fonts
  • Design Style

Before transitioning to my role as Associate Editor for the ShopOwner brands, I was the Editorial Intern for each brand.  One of the biggest takeaways I learned from the experience was that professional branding can immediately give visitors the impression that you’re an established and trustworthy company.

Naturally, your visual branding is the image you want to portray to the world when they think of your business’ personality. Having a strong visual brand that creates a sense of cohesiveness will lead to customers immediately and easily recognizing your brand.

For each of the ShopOwner brands, their visual branding was designed differently with their own looks each. It’s important that each brand has its own visual brand design because each brand has its own target audience!

For your visual branding to become effective, don’t expect it happen overnight. Before you even begin to layout design ideas, you must know your audience first.

Identifying who your target audience is and what they value will make creating the visuals easier, while avoiding basing decisions off trends, all in turn to attract the right viewers.

Think of your visual brand as a single puzzle piece that works with the rest of your brand in a system to create an experience for clients and other viewers that is unforgettable. When all the pieces work well and look cohesive and consistent, you will build a loyal audience and establish trust within.

Nadine Battah is the Associate Editor of Brake & Front End, Underhood Service, ImportCar and ShopOwner brands

Contact Nadine at [email protected]

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