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Video Storytelling at Babcox Garage Studio

A cameraman filming an autoparts video in Babcox Garage Studio.

What did your work world look like on March 9, 2020?

For me, it was a day to coordinate with vendors on the delivery and installation of an air compressor in our garage studio; finalize training for some of our staff on a new tire changer and wheel balancer; and coordinate travel arrangements to shoot videos in Philadelphia, New York City, and Los Angeles. Our video team was up and running. We were days away from the completion of a four-month build-out of our new garage studio in our Akron headquarters, fully equipped for Babcox’s pivot towards video storytelling. Since then, every day has felt like a series of 100-mile sprints.  

By Wednesday, March 11, there was a mad dash to get the last piece of equipment installed in Phase 1 of the Babcox Garage Studio build before a BodyShop Business event later that afternoon. As guests arrived, a crew mopped floors and wiped down new machines, ready to show off this space to our guests. The transformation of the garage was complete, and we were ready to make the leap into video storytelling. We live-streamed the panel discussion via Facebook and recorded the event for play-back on the BodyShop Business website.  

Not 24-hours later, plans were made for Babcox Media employees to temporarily work remotely, and by that Friday the majority of us were setting up home offices, training to use Microsoft Teams, and downloading Zoom to our computers. While our time in the office was paused, the work from our Garage Studio continued. Since mid-March, the Babcox video team, as well as our editors, found creative ways to be in the studio while social distancing to film an average of more than 80 videos per month. Utilization of our garage studio to help our marketing partners with video storytelling has been a business bright spot amidst all of the other chaos and uncertainty.  

With three working bays, a full-stocked parts room, a green screen and podcast studio and the latest equipment, tools and parts from marketing partners, Babcox Media continues to produce video content every day. This content takes many forms and fills many channels – from technical, 90-second maintenance tips found in our e-newsletters and websites, to longer 90-minute workshops and training via live stream available on our social media platforms. If you have a story to tell, we can help.

We are excited to share this video with you and show you how you can use the Babcox Garage Studio for your next corporate video; to sponsor a Babcox brands video series; or to have product placement when we are filming technical or business content.  We are ready and working today to help tell your story using our Garage Studio.    

Randy Loeser is the Publisher/Executive Director of Content & Video at Babcox Media. Connect with Randy by email or call (330) 670-1234 ext. 285.

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