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Three BIG Ways to Utilize Topical Targeting to Deliver Your Marketing Message

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Data plays a critical role in direct marketing. It provides insight into audiences and allows marketers to make informed decisions. Using data, audiences can be segmented into highly focused groups, geographical and demographic details can be determined, and results can be measured against benchmarks.

Topical targeting utilizes data to track engagement with content. Each story on Babcox Media brand websites is tagged by our editors with relevant topics. A topical targeting campaign connects these tags with visitor activity, automatically triggering a pop-up message. The pop-up content and call-to-action (CTA) are customizable based on objective.

Here are just three ways you can use topical targeting to deliver your message:

Promote an Upcoming Event

Are you hosting a conference, training session, or webinar? Increase registrations by reaching individuals with interest in your company, product, or a specific topic.

For example, you can target all Brake & Front End stories tagged “Electric Vehicle” to invite viewers to sign up for your upcoming webinar on Electric Vehicle Conversion. Instead of blanketing a large group with the invitation, you are targeting your message to a group you know is already engaged with this topic. This increases the likelihood of registrations and enhances the experience of the reader by providing a relevant CTA.

Deliver Hard Leads to Your Sales Team

Hard leads are difficult to acquire, but your sales team expects them to be delivered. Topical targeting allows you to start your marketing efforts further along the sales funnel, increasing your ability to deliver qualified leads.

Serve a pop-up to a reader with a whitepaper or content download related to the topic they are reading. Coordinating the whitepaper content with the applicable webpage topic ensures visitors are receiving information they are interested in.

Tailoring the timing of a pop-up can also increase engagement. For example, a pop-up can appear right when a visitor lands on a page or it can be delayed. Timing a prompt until a reader is 25% or halfway through an article, for example, could increase the probability they will download the content since their time on the page indicates interest.

Increase Brand Awareness

Topical targeting offers a variety of ways to increase brand awareness. A simple pop-up across all applicable topics with general brand information can reach readers without asking too much from them.

Incorporating a direct email marketing campaign with topical targeting is a more robust, assertive approach. A branded newsletter-style email can direct readers to articles on Babcox websites where they will be served the pop-up. This allows the message to reach both subscribers to Babcox brands and webpage viewers that may not be signed up to receive emails.

What marketing goal are you working to achieve? Contact us and let us help you reach engaged shop owners, aftermarket professionals, and industry leaders with topical targeting. 

Don’t miss the latest Think BIG podcast episode where we discuss topical targeting with Fleet Equipment and Fleet Service Technology editor Jason Morgan.

Listen to “Topical Targeting: What It Is & How To Use It” on Spreaker.

Kelsey Mayer joined Babcox Media in 2019 as Email Marketing Specialist and is now Digital Marketing & Audience Manager. She has a background in digital marketing, social media management, and event planning. Kelsey is a 2013 graduate of The Ohio State University. Connect with Kelsey on LinkedIn, Twitter, or by email.

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