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The Power of the Written Word

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In this amazing world of science, technology, and evolution, I would argue that the most powerful and influential tool ever created is the written word.

Words connect humans to one another, navigating across time and space, in a profound and impactful way that nothing else can achieve. The written word allows for the sharing of ideas, philosophies, memories, events, and stories.

Without the written word, we wouldn’t be able to record events or concepts accurately. Details would be lost in translation. We wouldn’t get to enjoy the validation of progress nor get the benefit of applying past learnings to future decisions. Knowledge would be isolated. Human, personal, and cultural growth and development would be restricted

The written word is so significant, that in fact, the two most revolutionary inventions in the history of mankind, the printing press and internet, were invented to distribute …. Yup, you guessed it… Words. 

In our digital day and age of smart phones, tablets, and social media – take care of your words.  The words you write, are the words that others who come after you, will read. They will define your existence, offer perspective, and expose others to your place in history.

So… yeah. Words are important.  Choose them wisely.

In marketing and advertising, words are especially key. They determine your messaging. They get people excited about what you are offering. Among other things, of course, words determine if people are going to pay attention to you or not.

This year has been challenging in many ways for business. One of the biggest hurdles has been missing out on face-to-face interactions with customers and colleagues. Recently at Babcox, one of our customers came to us for help with this very issue. They typically host a series of meetings at an annual trade show and rely on these conversations to generate leads and foster customer relationships. They decided to host the meetings virtually this year, but were struggling with getting people to sign up.

Our editorial and marketing teams helped create an interactive email campaign to encourage registrations. Creative subject lines and a video invitation helped garner recipients’ attention and Calendly, an online appointment scheduling software, was integrated to allow for easy sign-ups. Most importantly, the body (the words) of the email had to thoroughly explain the benefits of the meeting and why these face-to-face conversations shouldn’t be skipped, even if the trade show wasn’t happening.

So, how do you choose the right words? And how do you know if they are right? Let us help…

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