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The Golden Content Engagement Rule

Doritos scattered on a blue surface.

While attending the CMWorld conference last September, I learned many valuable tactics and tips from content marketing leaders, but one tip has stuck with me. In her presentation on engaging storytelling, Amanda Lordy of NASCAR emphasized the importance of every detail in a content campaign. She explained that your copy should be able to stand alone from your image or graphic and vice versa. Each asset should be engaging and communicate your message clearly.

I thought about Lordy’s approach to content engagement again recently when I saw this commercial:

The ad is called an “anti-ad”. It never mentions the brand name or logo, proclaiming their product is a “chip so iconic, we don’t need to name it.”  The ad describes the product by highlighting its flavors, crunch, and shape. Viewers of the commercial, especially lovers of the product, know exactly what snack it’s promoting based on all of the content details.

A client recently came to us asking how they could expand their marketing strategy. They have always utilized tactics like digital and print ads, email campaigns, and sponsored content that delivered a direct message about what their product is and why their target audience should purchase it.

We suggested deemphasizing their marketing message and positioning them as an expert and thought leader in their product category. To build credibility and trust with their target audience, we developed an industry-focused enewsletter, which highlights recent news and engaging topics.

The Doritos “anti-ad” minimizes the brand identity and focuses on the product benefits, while the industry enews does the opposite—it minimizes the product benefits while building the brand identity. Both tactics adhere to the golden content engagement rule: every aspect of your content should be able to stand alone and still engage your audience.

Would your customers be able to identify your brand or product if your logo wasn’t on it? What features and benefits set your product apart? How can you build your audience’s resonance with your message?

Babcox Innovation Group is here to help. Let’s talk about your brand and create a content strategy to deliver your message to the right audience.

Kelsey Mayer joined Babcox Media in 2019 as Email Marketing Specialist and is now Digital Marketing & Audience Manager. She has a background in digital marketing, social media management, and event planning. Kelsey is a 2013 graduate of The Ohio State University. Connect with Kelsey on LinkedIn, Twitter, or by email.

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