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The BIG Read (and Listen and View) – 10/31/19

In this edition of the BIG READ, Group Publisher Randy Loeser and Marketing Specialist Kelsey Mayer list the random things they are reading, watching, and writing about that can help you navigate your marketing journey.

Randy’s BIG Read suggestions:

  • The first little league baseball team I coached in the ’80’s was assigned the burnt orange Astros baseball uniform. As Game 7 of the World Series wrapping up last night between the Astros and Nationals, this article explains the creative process and collaboration used by the ad agency and the team when they designed one of the most polarizing uniforms in baseball history.  Love it or hate it, nobody ignored it
  • Self-serving plug – BIG recorded its first podcast. The topic was facility targeting and geofencing. If you are planning your trade show budget for 2020, we should talk about how we can target attendees and your best prospects. Give it a listen on Spotify to learn more about this strategy (also available on Google Play, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, and Stitcher).
  • Still one of the best marketing speeches ever. I watch this when I am in a creative rut.  If you are unsure of the direction you want to take with your marketing message  – think different. The late Steve Jobs delivers this epic monologue.

Kelsey’s BIG Read suggestions:

Randy Loeser is the Publisher/Executive Director of Content & Video at Babcox Media. Connect with Randy by email or call (330) 670-1234 ext. 285.

Kelsey Mayer joined Babcox Media in 2019 as Email Marketing Specialist and is now Digital Marketing & Audience Manager. She has a background in digital marketing, social media management, and event planning. Kelsey is a 2013 graduate of The Ohio State University. Connect with Kelsey on LinkedIn, Twitter, or by email.

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