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Organization Tips for Video Production

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Organization is key to helping any business. One thing about organization is that there will always be a better way for a company to improve its organization when it comes to content. As technology evolves, an organization must take its content to the next level as well and will always continue to do so. Being organized impacts everything – from the smallest things to the largest. Project size truly does not matter

One way to improve organization for any business is to utilize the evolving technology available. Airtable and Asana are both great tools to do so – particularly for managing video projects. Asana takes it one step further, however, which is why our company recently made the transition from using both Airtable and Asana to Asana full-time.

Asana has multiple field options that a user can utilize – from single select fields, multi-select fields, people fields, and even has a project field that connects one task to multiple projects in Asana. Users can set due dates that show each person their individual tasks as they get closer to the deadline. Asana even goes one step even further with an overall due date for the larger project as a whole. Subtasks can be added as well. These subtasks come with their own due dates and descriptions and can be assigned to someone different from the larger task itself.

You can utilize organization tools such as Asana with virtually any project. Babcox uses it for everything from large-scale assignments like video production to smaller daily tasks such as a social media post. Video projects are where it becomes the most crucial and where Asana truly sets itself apart. It helps with a smooth transition from different departments. In projects set up in Asana, there is a “Status” field that is used to keep everyone involved updated. When a particular project, such as a video, is in the different stages of writing, shooting or ready to be posted, there are different tags for process. There are “Rules” that have been set up as well for the different assignees to be notified when it becomes their project for a better and easier transition as well.

When we made the transition from Airtable into Asana recently, it ended up helping me get more familiar with the setup and different tools that Asana offers. The transition when it comes to getting your files into Asana is easy. Obviously, there is a window of time where you have to train people to get them more used to the small differences in a new program but it’s manageable. We made the switch to get everyone into the same system and now there is no need to bounce back and forth between the two different software programs. This not only improved communication due to many of the communication tools that Asana offers, but also the organization of the tasks and video projects themselves. This will become vital as we continue to utilize the many tools Asana provides.

Another way that Asana is keeping Babcox Video projects organized is through the fields and the ability to sort the list of all the projects through the “Sort” option offered. For us, there are enough projects in the list itself, we have to filter the list to sort it further. That is very easy though. Through the filter option, we can look at the list from whatever field we would like to see at that moment and sort the filtered list even further. There is even an option to put the sorted list and separate it into sections from there for easier searching for specific projects. I have utilized that option more times than I can count, and I have only been using Asana myself for about four weeks. It is necessary to work as efficiently as possible for me.

Keep in mind the different systems available when looking to organize anything for your business. Consider what types of projects and needs you need help with and do some research to find what software best fits your needs. Familiarize yourself with the system itself to make sure you can seamlessly begin your work, and, on the occasions where you have to show others, make sure you open yourself up to questions for anyone who may have them. As soon as people begin to understand it more and more, the workflow begins to increase for a much higher production rate for you and your business.

Mike Ellis is a Social Media Intern at Babcox Media.

Contact Mike at mellis@babcox.com

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