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Geofilters: What They Are and How You Can Use Them


Snapchat continues to be a trend-setter among major social media platforms. The platform’s influence on the industry is perhaps most apparent in the widespread use of ‘stories’—

temporary compilations of personalized videos or images users can display to their followers that ‘disappear’ after a certain duration of time. However, recent updates to Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms suggest that another original Snapchat feature could be the latest industry trend: geofilters.

Geofilters are location-specific filters that users can apply to their stories. Users only have access to those filters while in that designated geographical area. They typically highlight nearby tourist attractions, historical landmarks, and state/city/town limits, but also can be used to market temporary events, like holidays or sporting events. Currently, Snapchat offers three different types of Geofilters that other social platforms have also adopted – community, personal, and business.

As a marketer, there are so many ways you can incorporate Geofilters into your social media strategy. Examples of this are everywhere, as brand-name companies like Apple and Cherrio’s have famously used geofilters to launch a new product (Apple Music) or celebrate a fun national holiday (National Cereal Day). The process of creating a geofilter is also pretty simple, but it’s important to look over the guidelines before submitting your own. There are a few requirements specific to business filters that you must comply with before it can go live, such as rights and permission for names, marks, logos, trademarks, etc. The guidelines are particular about images, as well, so be sure to check their rules on graphics before you create your call-to-action.

Brand awareness and identification are what Geofilters are all about, so get creative with your design! They increase your brand’s visibility and generate excitement for an upcoming event or product launch while inviting the audience to participate preemptively. 

Could your next big event or launch benefit from using a Geofilter? Stick to the Snapchat guidelines, get creative, and let this added boost give your brand the awareness it’s looking for!

Jessica Cobb is a Social Media Intern. Jessica currently attends the School of Media and Journalism at Kent State University, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations/Marketing.

Contact Jessica at [email protected]

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