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Finding Your Content Marketing Rhythm

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We’ve already established that the content marketing creation grind doesn’t care how you feel. It’s unrelenting, unending and once you start, it’s in your best interest to keep going–that’s how you get the best marketing results. But as someone who’s favorite part of the job is putting in earbuds, cranking up the tunes and rapping away at the keyboard to the rhythm–I know it’s a grind that can wear you down.

Setting your pace is a good start in keeping content pace. Analyzing the engagement data can help you overcome the content creation listlessness that makes you want to toss your monitor, with a blank page and blinking cursor, through the window. At the end of the day, the work needs done and you have to plow through it.

Here’s the trick of it: Killer tunes. The right musical motivation can break through the staunchest writer’s block and get you back to kicking content market ass and taking engagement names. I polled the Fleet Equipment, Tire Review, and The Buzz teams for the sonic inspiration that drives their creation efforts. Here’s our musical mix for crafting your next piece of productive marketing material.

Track 1: Getting Creative

This one is dedicated to David Sickels, senior editor of Fleet Equipment, Tire Review, and editor of The Buzz, who continually comes up with the most creative video content this side of B2B.

If you’ve caught any of David’s insightful hijinks on screen this album … makes a lot of sense. Even as his editor for several years, a lot of things click into place here. The unique free-form jam band stylings of Weather Report matches Sickels’s on-screen persona and behind-the-keyboard creativity that might be a bit out there at times, but always comes together in a killer chorus of informative B2B content.

“Many early On the Road episodes were written to this album,” Sickels said when asked about the music’s impact on his work.

Check it out for yourself:

Track 2: Making an Impact

Maddie Winer’s no-nonsense journalism, sharpened over years of local news reporting before coming to Tire Review, shines through in her playlist selection.

It comes as no surprise that the beats hit as hard as her writing. Robust bass lines and unrelenting rhythm helps her dig deep into a story like this very cool look at the possibilities of scrap tire recycling:

“I also listen to a lot of classical music and ADHD concentration music for focus when I am writing,” Winer related when talking about her productivity boosting pick.

Track 3: Beating the Deadline

You’ve got a pile of posts to put up, a slew of transcripts to work through, and no time. There’s only one answer. Heavy guitar riffs, eardrum-bursting blast beats, and growling vocals that will fuel a flurry of furious content creation. My go-to genre for getting s**t done is metal, the faster the better.

There’s something about the headbanging beats that help me plow through the pile. After churning through thousands of words to the thrashiest of songs, it’s not uncommon to find me as exhausted as I was back in the day when I’d crawl out of the chaos of a mosh pit. Bone tired, but happy to have gotten the work done, like this collection of stories surrounding a visit to a truck OEM:

The practice of heavy metal writing became so prolific between me and another like-minded editor friend that we often referred to it as “skeletonwitching” (after one of our favorite metal bands of the 2010s), and we still, to this day, send each other new songs to help get through the grind.

What’s on Your Playlist?

The best part is there’s no right or wrong music to throw on your creativity playlist. Sometimes I crank the classical like Maddie and other times I’m riding the long, strange trip of some obscure jamband. Music sets the content marketing creation mood. Send me your picks–[email protected]

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Jason Morgan is the Director of Content for Fleet Equipment and Tire Review

He’s also a self-proclaimed digiphile. So much so that he often gives himself the Voight-Kampff Test. He always helps the tortoise.

Contact Jason at [email protected]

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