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Defining Your Brand Identity

A notebook open with notes and doodles on creating a brand identity.

During a campaign event in 2011, then presidential candidate Mitt Romney made a speech where he said one way to increase funding entitlements was to raise taxes on people.  Before he could finish the rest of his argument, a person in the crowd yelled out “corporations!” to which Romney replied that “corporations are people, my friend.”  While Romney tried explaining that corporations give back what they earn to the people – and they would be part of his taxation plan – opponents quickly jumped on him for being out of touch and only beholden to big business. 

Whether you agree or disagree that corporations are “people,” they do have a personality. While I believe the best corporations are driven by the employees, some corporate identities can be driven by a central figure, like Warren Buffett at Berkshire Hathaway or Steve Jobs at Apple.

A well-crafted message about your brand identity provides an authentic picture of your company and what it represents.  If Mr. Romney had been able to articulate a more authentic story to voters about his ideas, his values, and about himself, he may have won the election.  (We can leave this debate for another blog).

Your brand identity determines your path and, more importantly, if your customers will follow. Do your current and potential customers know your corporate story? Is there something that makes you different from the competition? Are you part of a legacy business looking to change perceptions? Do you have a way to show your companies character?

For example, I’ve been looking for place near the beach in Florida for a family vacation in April.  A friend suggested Airbnb. I really did not know anything about Airbnb and when I searched for more information about this company, I found this video that made me feel comfortable renting directly from the owner.  It’s animated, its not preachy, and it leveraged a reaction such as trust and comfort into my decision making. 

Another example is when the Babcox Innovation Group started using Slack for project management.  When it was suggested by one of our younger employees, I quickly jumped online to learn more, as I was unfamiliar with this product.  Plus, other systems I’ve used in the past were usually forgotten within a couple days.  A search brought me to this video, and after viewing it, I decided we might as well integrate it.  Immediately, our internal communication and project management improved.  We could easily be the company featured in this video:

Linking your corporation via video storytelling and using a non-employee, such as a client, or in the case of Tim Horton’s, a Toronto Raptor’s superfan, is another tactic to humanize your brand identity in a way that could make others feel something unexpected. I remember seeing this man for many years while watching the Cleveland Cavaliers play the Toronto Raptors and wanting to know more about him.  He was at every game in the same seat.  Tim Horton’s seized on the opportunity to connect their brand to someone they felt represented their mission and values.  See the connection here:


The need to create relevant, engaging videos for your business has never been greater.  There is an art to telling a story about your business, especially when executives, employees, and your best customers can help articulate a vision for what you do and how it impacts others.  When you enhance your brand’s story, you share your unique values and place within a market that helps connect your brand to customers, prospects, and influencers. 

For 100 years, Babcox Media has been telling the stories of the great corporations that have changed the world of transportation through innovation, creativity, and determination. While once found exclusively in the pages of our magazines and more recently through our websites and e-newsletters, trailblazing corporations are turning to Babcox Media to craft authentic videos that separate their brand from the competition.  

Babcox Innovation Group (BIG) is now filming corporate profiles, biographies and custom sales & product messages using its team of industry editorial experts along with videographers, podcasters, art directors – all to help tell your story that will help reinforce your brand’s heritage, standards, and mission. Check out the Babcox corporate video:


 And take a look at our Garage Studio capabilities:


Whether filmed here in Akron, or on location in your office or plant, Babcox is ready to help define your message, tap into emotions, and tell your story.  Contact me today to discuss how we can help bring your brand identity to life. 

Randy Loeser is the Publisher/Executive Director of Content & Video at Babcox Media. Connect with Randy by email or call (330) 670-1234 ext. 285.

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