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Creative Content Marketing Lessons from the SuperBowl

Football fans cheering for the Super Bowl.

When the big game is over on Sunday, an even bigger game kicks-off on Monday morning. 

Bigger than the SuperBowl?

For marketers, Monday really belongs to us. Sure, some people will talk about the game, or how much they won on a Super Bowl Square, or maybe even JLo’s outfits during the halftime show. But just about everyone will have an opinion about the commercials

We will judge them, critique them, and even make buying decisions because of what we saw. We may laugh, cringe, or cry at the creative content of the commercial. These 15, 30, or 60 seconds can change the conversation about a product in a way that makes this calculated endeavor either worth the investment – or not.  It’s the moment where creativity is rewarded or panned. 

I love Super Bowl Monday, because it’s about us: the people with small and big ideas on how to bring a product or service to market. It’s about cutting through the noise with a bold message or image. It’s about telling a story in a way that may trigger an emotion that may not be associated with how others perceive our brand. 

I will try to spend the bulk of my Monday morning on the phone talking marketing with other marketers. The Super Bowl ads are a natural conversation starter and hopefully spark a new idea or approach.  I’ll also use Monday to meet with the most creative people at Babcox and talk about how we can market our own products and services better. Is there a “Super Bowl ad” we can create for one of our brands or a new product?  Can we help our sales team in a different way to reach someone like you, so you are inspired to pick up the phone when you see the ‘330’ area code? How can we get you to think of Babcox as something other than just a magazine or website advertising platform to promote your product or service?

A friend once said she hoped to live a life with “less fear and more boldness.”  I think that philosophy inspires so much of the creative content we see on Super Bowl Sunday.  It is a philosophy we can use for the other 364 days as we approach our job of driving awareness, leads or sales.  Will you let the inspiration of Sunday fade away? Will you focus on simply getting the job done and not on how to be more creative?

When you are playing to win with your marketing dollars and looking to create a winning campaign, Babcox is your best play to reach the audience of fans who need to know more about what you do or what you offer.  Give us a call.

Randy Loeser joined Babcox Media in 2013 as publisher of Tire Review and was later given additional responsibilities as the Director of Digital Media and Group Publisher of Engine Builder. In 2018, Randy transitioned into the role of Group Publisher of Content Services to provide creative and custom content solutions to our clients. Randy has worked for several national B2B publishers in a variety of roles, including publisher, business development, marketing and internet products management. Randy is a 1995 graduate of John Carroll University. Connect with Randy by email or call (330) 670-1234 ext. 285.

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