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Get Ready For Your BIG Close-Up

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With a 100-year milestone upon us, we felt a new corporate video could help us showcase our ever-evolving business. After all, Babcox has a lot of history to build on, industry experts to work with, and some of the most recognized brands in the industry. How hard could it be to create a masterpiece?

As it turns out, planning and producing a successful corporate video can be a real challenge. People appreciate brevity, yet effectively articulating a corporation’s purpose, value, and vision takes time. That’s a big contradiction.

Our team’s goal was to clearly communicate our brand identity, market leadership, and commitment to quality and innovation. Our mandate was to achieve that goal in 120 seconds or less. The struggle was real.

After defining the objectives and reviewing the past century, we developed an outline of the ‘must cover’ points – the most important aspects of our business. We analyzed our audience, established our tone of ‘voice,’ and then let our script writer get to work.

After a few script iterations, we hit the studio. Thanks to our in-house video production facility, filming (and re-filming) scenes until we got our ‘money-shot’ was simple and straight-forward. Our dedicated video editors took the footage and the script, mixed in some digital magic, and created a video that represents what our corporate brand really means. We’d love to know what you think!

Making its premiere last week, the video focuses on our core strengths: our experience, knowledge, and creativity. Through a simple but colorful script, we remind our clients and readers that we’re extremely proud of our print heritage – but also excited about our evolution into a multi-media powerhouse.

Most importantly, we testify that our company is run by a team of creative leaders who have a true passion for this industry.

Does your company need a new corporate video? Check out these tips and contact Babcox Innovation Group for assistance.

Videos allow companies to tell their stories in an entertaining or interesting way – we hope that you find ours to be a bit of both.

After 100 years, we’re ready for our close up – if you are too, give us a call. We’ll make you a star.

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