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Building Consistency into Your Social Media Strategy

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If you’re just starting on your social media page, you might be noticing some inconsistencies.  One post might get a ton of attention, while other posts … not so much. This could mean that you need to tweak your content for your target audience. You could start by analyzing your top-performing posts as well as those posts that missed the mark.

However, your content might not be the problem. Inconsistent engagement could be a function of how and when you post.

Do you have a regular posting schedule? Do your captions have a format?

Let’s talk about the importance of developing consistency in your posting strategy to improve engagement with your audience.

Do you have a regular posting schedule?

Let’s say you publish your posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you stick to your schedule, your audience will know when to check your social channels. If you have a series of related posts, you should establish a consistent posting schedule for those as well (every Tuesday at noon, for example). If you’re consistent with your posting regimen, your audience will know when to expect content, and they’ll view you as consistent and well-organized.

A great way to build consistency into your posting schedule is by using Sprout Social. Sprout allows you to manage all your social profiles from a single platform, and provides a calendar feature to help you avoid posting on days that are too cluttered.

Do your captions have a format?

It could sound ridiculous, but if you look up any store, restaurant or sports team, their captions have a format. These formats could be relatively simple – for example, writing what you have to say and then adding an emoji at the end. Here at Babcox Media, we love to hook the audience right away, explain what the post is about and then offer a call to action (such as where they can find the information we’re posting about). It’s a simple format, but it gets the audience engaged by the first sentence.

Sticking to a consistent caption format can keep your posts consistent. Your audience knows exactly where to find each bit of information. Sometimes they might even be able to recognize that it’s your brand’s post before they even look at the profile. It’s always good to be distinctive in the social media world; captions are just another way to accomplish this.

Just remember that consistency always will be key when it comes to the world of social media marketing. An online consumer will grow accustomed to your posting schedule and will check back on those days if they’re excited to see more content. DON’T be afraid to mix things up at the beginning. Find out what days get more engagement and adjust your posting schedule accordingly. Developing your brand’s social content is the fun part!

Avery Lewis is a Social Media Intern at Babcox Media.

Contact Avery at alewis@babcox.com

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