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Building Brand Loyalty Doesn’t Happen Overnight

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When you are at the grocery store, you most likely gravitate towards specific name brands to check items off of your shopping list. Over time, you’ve made this selection based on trial and error. You grab Heinz ketchup rather than the generic store label, even if it might cost you a few cents extra, because you prefer the taste. It is all a matter of preference rooted in a trusting relationship towards that brand. With the exception of the “Blastin’ Green” and “Funky Purple” ketchup disaster of the early 2000s, Heinz has never let you down.

Brand loyalty is based on a long-term relationship, which drives behavioral patterns and consumption habits.

As a trusted media outlet, Motorcycle & Powersports News’ audience consists heavily of powersports dealers. The most important thing to remember about MPN’s audience is that dealers are also powersports enthusiasts, which motivated them to make a career in the industry in the first place. Each dealership can house up to several brands of motorcycles, working closely with OEMs to make the best margins on unit sales. Dealers have a preference as to who they choose to work with, and that is decided through their enthusiasm with the sport. If a dealer personally wouldn’t feel comfortable riding a certain brand of motorcycle, it would be very difficult to sell it to a customer. As a result, dealers must have confidence in the brands they select to sell, because that leads to their bottom line.

Brand building takes time and cannot happen overnight. The same concept goes for building a motorcycle. Every bike needs a study foundation in the frame, followed by choosing the proper tires, then add fenders, an engine, an exhaust, secure the handlebars, add accessories and aesthetic customizations, and finally wiring the battery and other electrical components. The last step is to turn the key and enjoy the ride. Keeping your brand/motorcycle maintained, like changing the battery, oil and spark plugs, will help the vehicle last a lifetime rather than a single season.

By providing consistent and engaging content from reliable sources, on digital platforms that are easily accessible on any desktop or mobile device, MPN has built brand loyalty within the powersports industry and continues to meet the needs of our audience on a daily basis.

Through the lifetime of MPN as a brand, we are confident in our audience to choose us as its No. 1 source. When powersports dealers are in the grocery store looking to buy business intelligence to help them gain the knowledge to become more successful business owners, MPN is their Heinz ketchup.

Aime Szymanski is the Managing Editor of Motorcycle & Powersports News and BodyShop Business

Contact Aime at [email protected]

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