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Brand Loyalty: A Deep Dive Into AMN Readership

The aftermarketNews.com (AMN) website and brand launched in 1999 with a single, twice-daily newsletter, dedicated to serving the executive level of professionals in the automotive aftermarket. With a readership comprised mostly of c-suite execs from the warehousing, distribution and manufacturing segments, the AMN brand has flourished in this niche market.

While at the time of its launch it was one of the only websites and e-newsletters dedicated to this specific market, the field has expanded with a number of competitors both print and online. The AMN brand expanded over that time as well: during its 22 years online, AMN has grown from one e-newsletter serving a readership of roughly 2,500 subscribers to now providing 10 different e-newsletters with subscription rates ranging from the high 7,000s to upward of 9,000, as well as an award-winning print publication read by roughly 35,000 subscribers every month. 

While the overall readership numbers may appear small compared to other B2B digital brands, what makes AMN unique is its fiercely loyal and dedicated reader base and an exceptional click-thru rate.

Thanks to its editorial commitment to providing accurate, timely news and research aftermarket industry professionals need, in formats they most prefer, the AMN e-newsletters boast open rates ranging from 45% to 60%, well above median e-newsletter open rates, which typically are around 15%. 

Continually upgrading the platform and channels through which AMN provides content also helps maintain reader engagement. From a circulation standpoint, keeping the active subscriber list scrubbed helps to maintain strong open rates as well.

Amy Antenora is the Editor of Aftermarket News. Contact Amy at [email protected].

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