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Big Goals For Your Business This Year

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Did you make a New Years resolution at the start of 2019? How did you do?

Did you write down a “to-do” list this morning, and the biggest accomplishment of the day was actually writing the “to-do” list?

Do you have a bucket list? How many of those experiences and goals still need to be crossed out? 

This time of the year offers some a sense of closure, and others a sense of disappointment, on the goals we set this past year. My 2019 personal goals of losing weight, working out, taking a big family vacation, and reducing debt will probably end up on my 2020 list, since I barely made a dent in any this year.

I found it somewhat coincidental that in the same week my wife and I started discussing goals for 2020, two posts popped up on my social feeds.

The first was from the father of content marketing, Joe Pulizzi. Joe blogged about some sage advice from super-investor Warren Buffett. Pulizzi follows Buffets rule of 25/5. Buffet suggests writing down 25 of your goals you wish to accomplish in the coming year. Once you write them down, prioritize them in categories like career, your family, your health, wealth, and charity. When finished, Buffet suggests circling the top 5, creating a plan for those 5 goals, and forgetting about the rest. He even says that once you accomplish those 5 goals, vow to not work on the other 20. I plan to try this in 2020.

I was also struck by the simplicity of the advice in a column from Body Shop Business Publisher Sean Donahue on the follow-up from the most recent AAPEX and SEMA trade shows. Sean wrote how a consultant told him that he writes down his goals for his day at a trade show, and the next day will carry it with him as a reminder of what he still needed to accomplish. When the show is over, he will look back at those goals to see what he missed. It is a good reminder that goal-setting needs constant follow-up, and that what we accomplish is just the start. Accountability is the key to goal-setting.

Can you apply these same strategies for your business goals?  Whenever we help a client with a marketing strategy, we always discuss creating a plan, having accountability and prioritization.  Winning campaigns usually starts with a clear understanding of goals, how to accomplish those goals, the tools for measurement, and the definition of success. We stress keeping the plan simple and focused, and to quickly pivot away from failure to move on to other tactics. 

What are your 2020 marketing goals? Let Babcox Innovation Group help you achieve them.

Randy Loeser is the Publisher/Executive Director of Content & Video at Babcox Media. Connect with Randy by email or call (330) 670-1234 ext. 285.

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