Two Heads Are Better Than One: Sales and Account-based Marketing

Sales and marketing have always had a unique relationship within the ecosystem of a B2B business. Both roles are interdependent, but seldom collaborative. However, an increasingly popular marketing tactic has presented sales representatives and marketers a golden opportunity for meaningful overlap. 


Your Top 4 Topical Targeting Questions Answered

There are certain instances when targeting smaller, more specific segments of your audience – particularly those further down the sales funnel – is actually worth more of your time and money than casting the widest net possible. That’s where topical targeting comes in.


Back to Basics: A Tactical Guide to Building Brand Awareness

Instead of chasing trends, businesses interested in entering a new market or courting a new audience segment should go back to the basics of building brand awareness. Here are 5 basic tactics for building brand awareness that you can integrate into your marketing strategy today. 

Social Media

YouTube: The Unstoppable Social Channel

YouTube’s active subscriber count is 2.40 billion, only 84% of the number of Facebook users around the world. And yet, the results of a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center suggest a redistribution of power between these competing social media platforms might be on the horizon.

email marketing

5 Ways Email Can Enhance Your Next Marketing Campaign

At Babcox Media, we see email marketing as a smart (and cost-effective!) way to augment any short or long-term marketing initiative. Here are 5 reasons why we think you should include email in your next marketing campaign.

Social Media

TikTok: The New Frontier of Digital Marketing?

As a platform that values boldness, spontaneity, and authenticity, TikTok might appear to be a tricky social media to integrate into your current digital marketing strategy.

Covid consumer in sights
Data & Research

8 Covid-19 Consumer Insights Every Shop Owner Needs to Know

We asked consumers to describe their auto service experiences during the last year. Based off their responses, we’ve compiled 8 consumer insights we think all dealership and repair shop owners need to know to survive phase two of the pandemic.

Data & Research

Car Ownership vs. Ride-Sharing: Investigating Shifts in Auto Travel Attitudes

Continuing our series on consumer responses to the pandemic, we now dive deeper into the impact 2020 has had on the public’s attitude towards cars and auto travel. Though people still prefer driving over flying, that preference does not necessarily apply to all forms of auto travel equally.

Air vs. Car Travel
Data & Research

Air vs. Auto: A Glimpse into Post-Pandemic Traveling Trends

Throughout the last year, our mentality was forced to adapt as frequently as our daily lives, and as such, it is now proving difficult to predict what we’ll keep and what we’ll toss aside when the dust settles. Will the adjustments we begrudgingly made become habits? Will current attitudes seep into post-pandemic thinking?