A.I. assistants

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Use A.I.

Jason Morgan, our Director of Content for Fleet Equipment and Tire Review, highlights ChatGPT 4.0’s versatility. He envisions ChatGPT tackling challenges like a over-eager entry-level employee – from conquering the blank page to mastering the art of copy-editing. It quickly became one of his favorite co-workers.


The Truth About ChatGPT

Here are the main reasons why ChatGPT and other AI programs fall short in our pursuit for a more automated world, from transparency, accuracy, and information precision.

man on laptop writing while listening to music

Finding Your Content Marketing Rhythm

Overcome the content creation listlessness that makes you want to toss your monitor with a blank page and blinking cursor through the window.


How to Set the Pace to Achieve Your Content Goals in the New Year

Two major things happened last year that changed the way I plan and create content. First, Fleet Equipment, a long-standing B2B print publication serving the heavy-duty trucking market, retired its print publication and went all-in on digital (websites, newsletters, video). Second, I bought a rowing machine.

Sharing your story - Content Marketing

Content Marketing: Good News & Bad News

The challenges you’ve faced and the solutions you’ve created are all part of an important story that deserves to be told. As a content marketer, it’s your goal to make your audience care.


How to Make Sense of Audience Engagement Analytics

If you’re playing the content marketing game, your goal is engagement. It’s the moment when you move your potential customers from brand recognition to brand purchase; when you stop being just a logo and become a message that your audience wants to hear. Engagement analytics will let you know you’re on the right track, but what do those numbers mean?